King of Nations

On 07-08 / 10/2017 I was on the Serres circuit in order to participate in the final race of the world championship @ King of Nations Drift Pro Series.

as a member of the Cypriot mission. This opportunity was unique to me, and I very much appreciate the Power Drift Club of Cyprus that managed to join me in his team. It was also important, since I was testing my new car for the first time, a Toyota AE86 which was a dream for me !!! By participating in the Pro category I had to deal with about 50 drivers. Only 32, after the graduated passes, could continue to the next stage. I was in them after I pulled 78.10 points to 16th place. Then the test of double confrontations began! My first challenge was the fight with the French world champion 2016 Nicolas Delorme !! After I got out of this battle and even after repetitive passes I entered the 16th class !! But the battle for 8th was lost after my encounter with the very strong Cypriot driver and champion George Christoforou (Ella Coco). I enjoyed being next to me and I shared it with them, my family and many good friends who traveled with me to Serres and thank you very much for that! I would also like to thank all the people for the support and love that I have shown and finally a great thank you to my sponsors! TMG Performance Tountas Garage Nick the FishermanAchna Speedway Tgs Parts Axotechniki - Axotechniki DTAFast DTAfastKarteris Nikos


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