Stavros Grillis: From bench to bucket!

We have heard of a kid from Kos who do miracles with a BMW E30 in drift demonstrations.

Having seen the video released on the Internet, making Stavros Grillis increasingly popular, we began to know him closely. Next to his ten years old child his father, Michael Grillis, auto mechanic in profession, which supports and educates the largest of the three sons.

From the first contact with him, Stavros Grillis shows that exceeds the average level of maturity at his age: "In the future I want to study auto mechanic, while the drift would like to deal as a hobby." This approach of a child obtains recognition at the age of ten years is indicative. But how it started, Stavros involvement with motorsports? "I started from karting at the age of four years, and later my father taught me to drift. At the age of five I started to drive cars, and I drift at seven and a half years".

It is worth mentioning that Stavros Grillis does not participate in competitions, but leads as a guest at demonstration level, strictly on slopes, and never on public roads. This is not accidental, since, as pointed out by his father, "security is above all". Stavros drifts only in slopes, and has never been exhibited in public. He had the opportunity to drive on public roads, but we didn't allow it. Besides, he has never driven a car off the track.

Education to Stavros has started from karting. On the first day he wore a form and, of course, helmet, chest and everything could exist. In the perimeter of my worksplace is available an enclosed space where we do workout. The next step is to find a track to drive, but never on public roads. If Stavros does not see elder drivers, and especially his parents, not to give discounts on security, I do not think he will do his".


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