The child phenomenon Stavros Grillis on SKAI tv!

The child phenomenon, as many call him, Stavros Grillis spoke today on the show "NOW", with the journalist Anna Bousdoukou.

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Although he is already known in the local community, Stavros Grillis lives in Kos, is a student of the 1st class of high school and drifts from his seven! When 5 years old children in Europe were taking gifts and consoles for videogames our Stavros, "entertained" by riding cars.

From 5 years old he learned to drive a car with the guidance, and the car of his father. His parents, when realize his innate talent showed confidence and helped him build his charisma, in an extreme and dangerous sports, the "drift" (drifting at high speeds and shaped cars).

Our small Stavros, masters in drift in soil and asphalt drive. He moves like a professional driver, with absolute calm and comfort, and jacks fires on the slopes. But on an island infrastructure for such sports are nonexistent, a child only 12 years emerges. Without training and without his car (is in Cyprus right now) he manages to steal the show in any event he is taking place. He has participated in Cyprus competitions where ranked ninth and aroused the interest of European television networks and beyond. It is no coincidence that so far major "channels" like Discovery Channel and the French network make offerings to the "miracle child". He has recorded in "Guiness" book as the youngest drifter in the world.

If Stavros was in another country today, he would ensure his future, since he would be already a pro. Today, with donations received from the following companies and with the financial support of his parents continues to enjoy what he loves and will continue to participate in competitions. On October 31 departs for Cyprus for drift races, to be held on November 2.

Donors-supporters are: Achna Speedway, Sparco Club, Nick The Fisherman, Kannis Tires, RASKOS SA Kouroudis Leonidas and STD KOS.


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