Budapest 2015

Another dream come true !!!!

My participation in the European Championship drift held in Budapest, Hungary on 22-23 August 2015.I participate with my drift school car, a BMW E 46 V 8. I had the opportunity to compete in the "Legal" category and "Pro". After the training i was definitely ready and my participation, while driving legal and steady, got the approval of the judges for the pro category as well.

In the "Pro" category, after winning the singles rated 73 degrees I was placed 25th at 36 drivers. In the process of double passes ran with Christiano Monteverde and the score in the first pass was 9 to 1 in favor of Christiano while the second 8 to 2 for me. Thus Christiano passed to the next phase.

In the "Legal" category things were easier and very unfortunate. In singles i won rated 85 points and I was 8th at 22 drivers. Unfortunately at the time of warm up, before the double pass, a serious problem occurred on the steering wheel of the car and it was impossible for us to repair during the five minutes allocated to us so I could not go on.

Nevertheless it was a unique experience for me !!! Many thanks to those who helped me in this effort !!!


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