03 & 04/12/2016 Achna Speedway

The 12/04/2016 the last round of the Pankypriakou Championship  Achna DriftChallenge...

for 2016, which will take place in the January 2017.
In this weekend 03 and 12.04.2016 in Achna Speedway track held the 4th and 5th round of the championship Pankypriakou PowerDrift Club and so i decided to take part since my trip was planned anyway.  And I confess, though I was from the airport directly to the race and in the process of single graded (I did not even manage to be in the briefing) did not do bad at all.
On Saturday fight and twin rated conquered the 9th position and after three tough fights finished in the 4th place !!!!
In the Sunday race in single rated i won the 3rd best score so I walked straight to the eightfold  !!!! But in the process of double passes I did not succeed and so I stayed in the eightfold !!!




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